LGV Rhin Rhône - branche est

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Major time savings

A few figures illustrating the scale of France’s biggest civil engineering project

With the opening of the first section of the eastern branch of the Rhine-Rhone high-speed line, journey times will be slashed on a large number of routes.

The line will bring an improvement in services and will shorten the distances between economic and urban centres along the Rhine and Rhone and in the Mediterranean (Rotterdam-Frankfurt-Lyons corridor). Higher speeds will give a further boost to mobility and multiply the links between the different regions served. They will also spur economic activity and tourist industry development.

Réseau Ferré de France and SNCF have worked in close partnership with all the institutional players in designing a transport service that not only lives up to regional expectations but is also economically viable. The result will be a new generation of high-speed line, which will increase services with Paris and, at the same time, improve the links between the regions and with the rest of Europe.

The Rhine-Rhone high-speed line will supplement and improve the current range of railway services. Journey times will be slashed at European, national and regional level.