LGV Rhin Rhône - branche est

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The eastern branch

The first section of the Eastern branch will run from Villers-les-Pots (to the East of Dijon) to Petit-Croix (to the South-East of Belfort). Work on this section which is scheduled for commissioning at the end of 2011, began in July 2006.

The first section of the eastern branch runs between Villers-les-Pots (to the East of Dijon) and Petit-Croix (to the South-East of Belfort). Work on this first section of the high-speed line began in July 2006 and is scheduled for commissioning on 11 December 2011.

The Minister of Transport, Public Works, Tourism and the Sea, Dominique Perben, and all the other partners involved in project funding were present at the official inauguration of the line and the signature of the funding agreement on 3 July 2006.

The eastern branch in figures:

  • 140 km of line from Villers-les-Pots (21) to Petit -Croix (90), running through forests for 40% of its length
  • A total budget of 2.312 billion euros
  • 85 boroughs crossed
  • 6,000 jobs
  • 30 million m³ of excavations (4 times the volumes excavated for the Channel Tunnel)
  • 22 million m³ of embankment (9 times the volume of the Great Pyramid of Giza)
  • 13 viaducts
  • 1 tunnel 2 km in length
  • 160 bridges
  • 2 new stations : Besançon Franche-Comté TGV and Belfort-Montbéliard TGV
  • 1.350 million tonnes of ballast
  • 550,000 sleepers
  • 5,000 km of copper wire
  • 300 km of optical fibres
  • 380 km of OHL contact wire
  • 6,000 OHL masts
  • 300 km of fencing
  • 600 km of rails
  • 30 masts for GSM-R
  • 63 sets of points & crossings
  • 300 signal boards
  • 14 signal boxes

Milestone dates for the eastern branch of the Rhine-Rhone high-speed line:

Civil engineering work began in July 2006, while work on installing the railway equipment started in January 2009.


  • Project declared in the public interest


  • Archaeological explorations, preparatory work, public enquiries in relation to the French Water Act, property acquisition appraisals, land acquisition, invitations to tender for civil works, forest clearance


  • Site inauguration and signature of the first-phase funding agreement


  • Cable artery laying (January)
  • Re-opening of the Lure-Villersexel line (March)
  • Opening of the works base, erection of the first OHL masts, erection of the GSM-R masts (April)
  • Start of work on the Devecey line
  • Laying of the first rail (June)


  • Start of work on the Besançon sub-station (February)
  • Start of work on the Héricourt sub-station (May)


  • Equipment tests and trial runs (Spring)
  • Power delivery (Summer)
  • Line commissioning (11 December)
  • Spetember, 9th : inauguration of the line with the President Nicolas Sarkozy

Eastern branch – 2nd phase

The second stage in the construction of the eastern branch consists of two sections of line to the East and West of the first section:

  • to the West, over 15 km between Genlis (21) and Villers-les-Pots (21)
  • to the East over 35 km, from Petit Croix (90) to Lutterbach (68)

Provisional schedule for the 2nd phase:


  • Decision to launch land acquisition studies and procedures (Summer)


  • Finalisation of property acquisition appraisals (Summer)


  • Finalisation of property acquisitions (January)